Best Advertising Platforms 2016


Small businesses should not solely rely on SEO optimization to drive traffic to their websites. Doing SEO and online advertising at the same time is the best. By advertising online, you can quickly drive sales to your store. The following is the the best advertising platforms 2016 list for 5 top advertising platforms.

1. BuySiteAds
BuySiteAds is a site that focuses on business connections. Most of the users are business people. It will be good to use BuySiteAds ads if you are selling products relevant to their websites listed. BuySiteAds offers banner ads, Facebook and Twitter ads. Advertising your products and services on BuySiteAds can help to boost the visibility of your brand. It is worthwhile to use BuySIteAds ads even though they are pricier compared to other platforms. To reduce the cost of the BuySiteAds advertising, you should divide your campaign into several small campaigns instead of launching one big campaign.

2. Google Ads
Google ads is the most popular PPC advertising on the internet. Your ads will display on the Google search engine result based on the search terms that people use to search for a product. If the keyword match your chosen keyword, your ad will appear in the search engine result. All aspects of your Google marketing campaign can be measured including click through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per click and etc. Google ads is cost effective because they only charge you when someone click on your ads. It is up to you to set the budget of your campaign, from $10 – $5000 per day. You can stop the campaign at anytime. Another benefit is that you can get your Google advertising campaign up as soon as you have set up.

3. Bing Ads
Bing ads accounts for 30% of the shares of the US market. If you are already running Google Adwords, you can use the Bing Ads Editor tool to import your Google Adwords campaign into Bing. Before you can use Bing ads, you must have a Microsoft account. Your Bing ads will not only be displayed in the Bing search engine but they will also be featured on Yahoo and other partner networks. Bing ads is cheaper for advertising in Europe because of the low competition and PPC cost. The ratio of the price versus performance for Bing advertising in Europe is quite good.

4. Facebook Ads
Facebook is a very popular social networking website. Facebook has more than 1.28 billion active users. It is the second most visited website in the world. It is fairly affordable to advertise on Facebook. With Facebook ads, you can target specific groups of people based on different criteria including age, interest and etc. You can create a Facebook fan page to increase customer loyalty. The Facebook fan page can also be used to offer special promotions. Facebook advertising lets you display creative ads every week. You can find similar audience to your existing customer base by using the CRM data. There is a high chance that your ads will be seen because most users will return to the site for at least a few times every day.

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