Best CPanel Free Alternatives


cPanel is the best control panel for maintaining your website but it is not free. The good news is that there are a lot of cPanel free alternatives that you can install on your server without you having to pay for a single cent. The following are a cPanel free alternative list of the top 5 control panel platforms.

1. ServerPilot
ServerPilot is a free control panel that can help you to handle all the server configuration work. Some of the benefits of ServerPilot include configure your websites, create SSH/SFTP account, deploy PHP applications, and install SSL. ServerPilot will monitor your system and make sure the installed package is up to date. It has a simple interface that only display the essential features. The free version of Server Pilot lets you host unlimited websites. ServerPilot can only be installed on server that run on either of the two versions of 64 bit Ubuntu including 12.04 and 14.04.

2. Kloxo
Kloxo is a powerful and easy to use open source control panel that offers tons of features for webmasters. Kloxo has a similar interface with Cpanel. It comes with a script installer just like Softaculous/Fantastico that let you install various types of web applications for free. The HyperVM app can be used to set up an OpenVZ/KVM virtual environment on a dedicated server. Kloxo only take up a small space of 15 MB. With Kloxo, you can conveniently transfer mail/dns/web from an Apache server to a lighttpd server. It includes free billing applications such as AWBS and WHMCS. The tool can be used on reseller hosting packages. It is equipped with a security mode level 5.

3. Froxlor
Froxlor has a clean and organized interface that lets you easily find the features you need. You can use Froxlor for commercial use but you must give them credit. You can modify the open source control panel and distribute it. It does not provide a file manager for you to upload the files to the server, However, you can set up an FTP account and access the server via a third party software. It can be used by both customer and web hosting reseller. It is also suitable for web hosting administrator.

4. Zpanel
Zpanel is an open source control panel written in PHP. It can run on all kinds of OS including Windows, Linux, UNIX and MacOSX. Zpanel includes a number of open source apps such as file manager, RoundCube webmail, Apache web server, domain manager and phpMyadmin. For Windows users, Zpanel supports features such as Filezilla and hMailServer. It support tons of features for Linux/UNIX servers including ProFTPd, Dovecot IMAP/POP3, and Postfix MTA.

5. VestaCP
VestaCP is a free control panel that can help you to reduce the work of maintaining your server. During the setup process, VestaCP will install the LNAMP stack. This requires your server to support Apache and Nginx. It is recommended that your server has at least 512 MB RAM on the VPS. VestaCp can run on Debian, Ubuntu, RH or CentOS platforms. VestaCP is suitable to be used on reseller hosting. You can easily manage your hosting packages on VestaCP.

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