How To Get More Facebook Likes


Getting more likes to your Facebook page can help you to increase the exposure to your business. In order to get people to like your page, you need to be hardworking in promoting your Facebook page. The following are a few ways on how to get more Facebook likes.

1. Fill Your Facebook Page with More Information
If you want more Facebook likes, you must optimize your Facebook page with as many information as possible. You must make your company logo and description as engaging as possible as these are the two most noticeable things on your Facebook page. You should also try to fill out other Page Info such as website URL, phone number, business address and etc. If you fill out these information, people will be able to easily find your company when they are searching for a product.

2. Update Your Facebook Profile with New Posts Regularly
You must regularly update your business Page with content that will be helpful to your readers. Posts that have a lot of user engagement will be ranked on top of the Facebook search results. Examples of user engagement include likes, comments, shares and amount of time spent on each post. To make your post interesting, you can add video. To capture the attention from the followers, the video should be not too short or too long in order. Posting regularly can increase the chance of people liking your page. It is recommended that you add at least one post every day. If you don’t have time, you can try posting 4 times per week. You can post at peak times when most of your audience are online. There is a feature called Facebook Page Insights that allows you to find out the most active time of your audience.

3. Promote Your Facebook Page
After you have created the Facebook page, it is time to promote it. You can promote it on your website, newsletter, business card and etc. It is important that you place the Facebook Like Box in a place that people can easily notice. The Facebook Like Box will show the number of likes on your Facebook page. It must be easy for your audience to like your Facebook page with just one click. You can use Facebook social plugin on your blog to prevent your visitors from leaving the site.

4. Invite Friends to Like Your Facebook Page
You can tell your friends about your Facebook Page and ask them for a favor to like the official page. Besides, you should encourage your friends to share, like and comment on the posts. When sending invites to your friends, make sure you don’t over promote them. If you have employees, you can ask them to add a link to your Facebook Page in their personal emails and social medial profiles.

5. Promote Your Facebook Page Offline
If you are doing presentations, you can add a slide that invite people to like your Facebook page at the end. If you run a company, make sure your Facebook Page is promoted in all the communications with your customer. You can also promote your Facebook page offline. For example, you can stick a car decal that list the Facebook page URL.

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